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adminThe George Nigh Rehabilitation Center (GNRC) is a 26-bed, medicare certified rehabilitation hospital. The facility accommodates a variety of individuals ranging from those with disabilities to those with complex medical conditions which include neurological disorders, strokes, spinal cord injuries, congenial determity, amputation, major multiple trauma, fracture of femur, brain injury, burns, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and joint replacement.

The GNRC goal is to assist individuals in recovery and gain maximum independence. The staff provides a therapeutic environment to assist an individual in focusing on health at their optimal level of functional ability.

Individuals admitted to the Rehabilitation Hospital are treated by a team consisting of nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and swallowing services, social services, dietary, therapeutic recreation, pharmacy, and physicians.

These professionals use their collective expertise to assist the patient in meeting the goals identified by the patient, family, physician, and therapist.

The team collaborates in the care assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation under the direction of the GNRC medical staff.

Services are available to anyone who qualifies for daily, rehabilitation care. Individuals are usually referred to GNRC from hospitals, insurance companies, worker's compensation, private physicians, individuals and other health care agencies.

For more information, please call our admissions coordinator at 918-756-9211, ext. 250.


OKMULGEE, OK 74447 918-756-9211
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